Meet The Team

Our team of experienced product designers and innovators are driven by the desire to develop affordable, renewable energy solutions that can empower people worldwide.


Martin Riddiford - Technical Director

I'm using #mynowlight to light my shed

Caroline Angus - CEO

#mynowlight will power me through summer music festivals



Shaun Pirie - Product Engineer

I'll keep #mynowlight in the car for emergencies and spontaneous adventures

Ana Forjaz - Communications Manger

I'll be using #mynowlight for evening picnics so we don't have to leave when the sun sets

Sergey Popov - Electrical Engineer

I'll take #mynowlight back to Latvia for camping... or maybe some night fishing!


Alex Dinsdale - Commercial Manager

#mynowlight will light up my BBQ - if summer in London ever arrives. 

Rob Butterworth - CAD Wizard

#mynowlight will be for brightening up my balcony