What we do

Deciwatt Ltd develops, manufactures and licenses off grid, clean energy solutions.

Deciwatt's first product is GravityLight, an innovative device that generates light from gravity. It takes seconds to lift the weight that creates 20 minutes of light on its descent.

GravityLight offers a clean, safe, affordable and reliable alternative to kerosene and portable solar lamps. Uniquely, it has no batteries meaning it can be stored indefinitely, and works independently of the sun.

After extensive design, development and global field trials, GravityLight will be in production mid 2016.


Our Approach

Deciwatt designs solutions for:

-  emergency relief and preparedness,  working with multilateral organisations, NGOs and government agencies

- individuals interested in a unique, renewable light - whether for the next hurricane, their garden shed or kid's bedroom. 

- conscious consumers wanting to make a difference, as a proportion of Deciwatt's profits are donated to The GravityLight Foundation and it's mission of eliminating kerosene lamps.


In all of its work, Deciwatt strives to balance quality design with simplicity, reliability with affordability. Motivated by understanding and meeting consumer needs, Deciwatt will work with partners to develop and tailor the product range that best meets their needs.

If you're interested in partnering with us or distributing GravityLight, please get in touch.