Content Marketing Manager

Position Type:
Desired Start Date:
July 2020
£28,000 - £33,000

Deciwatt create remarkable renewable energy products that convert human effort into electricity. We are looking for a Content Marketing Manager to join our team and help launch our new product nowlight, which creates instant light and power from the pull of a cord.

This role is an exciting opportunity to design and implement a content strategy for an innovative product that is useful for those who want it and vital for those who need it. Useful for lighting a garden shed or charging a phone at a music festival. Vital for power-cut emergencies or families living off-grid in low-income countries.

A video about our first product ‘GravityLight’ was watched more than 38 million times on Facebook. Several promotional videos for our Indiegogo campaign fornowlight each achieved more than a million views. Our products are unique and there are great stories to be told about their design, development and use. We believe this creates an opportunity to provides a great opportunity to create inspiring and exciting content.

As Deciwatt is a small start-up, this role is broad and dynamic. Your responsibilities will eventually span content marketing and some PR responsibility across three distinct markets (which we have identified below). Given the different demographics and stakeholders in each market, this will involve creating tailored content across multiple channels and touch points.

During the rest of 2020 the Content Marketing Manager will focus on the Leisure and Emergency Preparedness markets, for customers in Europe and North America. This will involve direct to consumer marketing, as well as collaborating with our distributors and retailers.

In the short-term the role will be remote due to social distancing rules and you will collaborate with the rest of the Deciwatt team using digital tools and channels. In the longer-term, you may work from our office in London’s West End, but we are also open to a permanent remote working arrangement for this role.

About Deciwatt

We create products that let our users create light and power at any time and almost anywhere. Unlike competing solutions, our products do not rely on external factors like sunlight or an electricity grid. This makes them uniquely independent sources of energy.

Our first product ‘GravityLight’ inspired millions by creating electric light from the lift of a weight. GravityLight was named as one of TIME magazine’s best inventions of 2013 and Deciwatt was recognised as one of the ‘Most Innovative Companies in the World’ by Fast Company magazine.

Our new solution ‘nowlight’ is probably the most efficient manual generator in the world. By leveraging uniquely efficient biomechanics and the latest battery technology, just one minute of pulling on nowlight’s cord creates up to two hours of light!

nowlight can be supplied with a solar panel and can also be charged from the mains. This means our users can make the most of sunlight and grid electricity, but they do not have to rely on them.

For more information about nowlight, have a look at the successful crowdfunding campaign we ran in 2018, watch this video that we made for investors last year and read the product page on our website.

Over the last two years we’ve taken nowlight from concept, to prototype, to finished product. We began mass-producing nowlight at the start of 2020, fulfilled our Indiegogo campaign contributions in March and are gearing up for a full launch of the product at the end of June. We have identified three distinct markets for nowlight:

Emergency Preparedness

There are hundreds of millions of people who are vulnerable to power cuts or displacement from their homes due to extreme weather and natural disasters. For these users nowlight can provide a portable, independent and ever-ready source of light and power.


From camping and hiking, to music festivals and overlanding. From finding tools in the shed to brightening up a beach hut. nowlight is perfect for off-grid adventures and providing light and power anywhere that an electrical grid doesn’t reach.

Off-grid Households & Humanitarian Aid

There are one billion people in the world who have no access to electricity. Up to one billion more only have access to an unreliable supply. Almost 90% of the refugees living in managed camps have no access to electricity. During 2020 we will conduct trials with nowlight in off-grid communities in Rwanda and Uganda. We are also partnering with the Red Cross to distribute nowlight in refugee settlements in East Africa.


These are responsibilities that the Content Marketing Manager will take on:

Content Strategy & Implementation
  • Build tailored content and PR plans for product launch, and campaigns to scale thereafter
  • Create content for our website and across all social channels
  • Use analytics to assess and refine content strategy
  • Build and manage our community, including relationships with key influencers and the press to drive organic content, awareness and sales
Brand Development

Take our existing brand and develop a coherent brand strategy at both company and product level

Budget Management

Manage the marketing budget, including ROI analysis and reporting on spend.

About You

It is essential that you have:

  • At least 2 years relevant work experience including creating and implementing content marketing plans from scratch
  • Hands-on graphic design, video editing and/or photography skills. Although we have some budget to hire specialist creative support, we expect the Content Marketing Manager to be responsible for creating much of our content
  • Outstanding written communication ability, with experience of creating informative and engaging written content for a range of audiences
  • A high level of confidence working across all social media channels, including using analytics tools
  • A track record of producing outstanding results on a limited budget
  • A highly pro-active and self-motivated attitude to work
  • The right to work in the UK and are fluent in English (spoken and written)

It would also be helpful if you have:

  • Experience of marketing consumer electronics, emergency preparedness or outdoor leisure products
  • Worked on launching a physical product into a new market
  • £28,000 - £33,000 salary, depending on experience
  • Up to 3% contribution to your pension
  • 20 days holiday per year plus up to 5 days off between Christmas and New Year
  • 1 extra day of holiday after each full year of employment, up to a maximum of 5 additional days

To Apply

Send your application to Chris Skilton via with the subject line “[Your Name] / Content Marketing Manager Application” and:

  • Write a covering letter telling us about yourself and why you want this role
  • Tell us about your greatest content marketing success
  • Attach your CV and/or link us to a LinkedIn profile or online portfolio

The closing date for applications is midnight on June 30th, although we will be conducting interviews on a rolling basis.

Please note that due to the volume of applications we receive for open positions, we will only respond to applicants who are invited to interview.


Job Description
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