Pulling the cord for 1 minute generates up to

  • 15 minutes of call time

  • 2 hours of light

  • I've been warned of an impending blackout in my area. Pulled out my NowLight - I'm ready. Ready not to burn my place down with candles!


  • Use mine when camping in the west Aussie goldfields. Much better than gas, candles or batteries. Highly underrated piece of kit.

    F Mazza, Australia

  • My NowLight lives in the car in case I breakdown. An must-have item when all else fails!

    Hannah P, Canada

  • I started putting together some supplies for hurricane season. Getting a NowLight was a given.

    Gerald T, USA

Make a part of your survival kit

NowLight is an essential part of any household's emergency kit

Our Mission

We also provide NowLight to communities recovering from natural disasters, conflict or other emergencies.