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5W Solar Panel

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Our 5-Watt Solar Panel has a USB output so you can use it to charge NowLight your mobile phone or any USB compatible device. In strong direct sunlight the solar panel will fully charge a NowLight in around three hours and will fully charge a typical smartphone in around 2 hours.

The panel is highly durable but is just 3mm thick. Grommets in the corners of the panel make it easy to mount and it comes with a nylon case for safe storage. The panel is also supplied with a 4-metre USB extension cable, ideal for keeping the panel outside in the sun but leaving the device you are charging indoors.

Additional details

  • Lightweight and ultra-thin 5-Watt solar panel with USB output
  • Charge NowLight, mobile phones or any USB compatible device
  • Includes 4-metre #18 AWG USB extension cable
  • Supplied with protective nylon case for safe storage

  • Rated Power Output (STC):
    5 Watts.
  • USB Output
    5V 1A Max.
  • Solar Cell Type:
  • USB Extension Cable:
    4-metre #18 AWG
  • Open Circuit Voltage:
  • Ingress protection:
    Dust and splash protected (IP54)*
  • Panel Dimensions:
    270 x 187 x 14mm
  • Total Weight (all items):
    245 grams
  • * Please note: the panel is protected against dust and water splashing onto it. However the USB output is not waterproof. When the USB output is not in use, cover the output with the protective cap.

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