SatLight (SL03)



SatLight (SL03) is only compatible with nowlight and cannot be powered by mains, USB or other external power sources.

No. SatLight (SL03) has been designed to work with nowlight only and is not compatible with either generation of GravityLight.

When the nowlight battery is low, there is insufficient voltage to provide power to SatLights.

The nominal battery voltage of nowlight is 3.2V. However, to minimise electrical resistance along the 5 metre SatLight cables, we provide power to the SatLights at 17V.

This significantly improves the energy efficiency of SatLights but when the nowlight battery is running low, it is no longer possible to boost the power to 17V.

If you are using nowlight and the battery is running low, you may find that the SatLights are turned off by the system or that you are unable to turn the SatLights on.

When the battery is sufficiently charged, the SatLights will function again as normal.